What a Home Watch Stewards inspection look like:

Our standard Home Watch service always includes a visual inspection of your home or property, looking for obvious issues. After each inspection, we will provide you with a customized summary report, supported with photos.  This report is emailed to you upon completion of our visual inspection. We will notify you if there are any issues or damage that need to be addressed. 

We will customize your home watch visit to your unique needs but each visit includes at the very least…


  • Perimeter inspection of residence looking for signs of weather damage, paths of forced entry, vandalism, etc…

  • Remove newspaper(s), flyers, debris on walkway, or any signs of home being unoccupied

  • Empty mailbox and leave on designated space

  • Visually inspect for wasps, wood peckers, squirrels and other animals looking for a meal or new home

  • Visually inspect roof, gutters, vents and upper windows/screens from ground level

  • Visually inspect main level and lower-level windows/screens/door(s)

  • Visual inspections of deck(s) & patio(s)

  • Verify that service providers are meeting expectations (lawn, pool, snow, etc.)

  • Visually inspect external spigots/faucets/hose bibs for leaks or damage

  • Visually inspect condition of landscaping, plants, trees for breaks or damage

  • Check functionality of exterior lighting

  • When appropriate, measure snow depth on each side of home within 48 inches of foundation and identify/document ice dams

  • Note exterior damage or areas needing maintenance/ repair (painting, etc…)


  • Inspect doors, windows, ceilings, walls and floors throughout home for damage, water leaks, mold or signs of pest infestation

  • Examine all doors, windows and sliders to ensure they are locked

  • Investigate irregular odors, alarms, or noises

  • Make sure that all sink and below cabinet doors are open to guard against frozen pipes

  • Check refrigerator and freezer temps 

  • If power outage occurs: reset appliances, timers, clocks, breakers as needed

  • Check all preset timers (if any)

  • Measure and record humidity level

  • Verify air conditioner/furnace/boiler are maintaining desired temperature inside

  • Check all faucets, toilets for leaks, fill P-traps and verify functioning properly and flush all toilets 

  • Check interior lights

  • Check breaker panel(s)

  • Verify security system is functioning properly upon entry/exit

  • Verify garage doors working properly

  • Check water softener/water heater functionality (if left on)

  • Check WiFi functionality

Remember this inspection is customized to your home, so there may be items you do not want addressed and/or additional items that you desire addressed.  Our goal is that your report will provide peace of mind to you while you are away.