An alarm company provides security for my home. What value do you add?

An alarm company monitors when your home has been entered or if fire alarms go off.  They cannot monitor problems due to water intrusion, leaks, frozen pipes, pests, storm,s and or exterior damage. We identify those problems or the possibility of their occurrence and notify you.

What are your credentials?

As we shared in our about us section, we have been serving individuals and families in the housing industry for over 33+ years and have attended over 800 home inspections. 

Can you help me with home maintenance services?

While we do not provide home maintenance services, we can refer you to quality contractors or vendors and coordinate access to your property.

How do I pay you?

For all services provided we will email an invoice after your visual inspection is performed and accept a check or Zelle.

What about neighborhood watch program? Does that do the same thing?

Neighborhood watch programs are great.  Unfortunately, most are drive or walk by and are not nearly as detailed or experienced in knowing what to look for. 

Are you a house sitter service?

No, our service includes predetermined visual inspections of your home. We follow a specific and mutually agreed upon checklist. We provide detailed reporting and photos after each visit.  Our goal is that you return to your home as you left it.

Is Home Watch Stewards a property management company?

No, we provide a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues and report our findings back to you.

Do you provide keyholder service?

Yes. We are happy to arrange access to your property for any situation at an hourly rate.  Each situation is unique and can be discussed at our appointment.